2024 Legacy Award Recipients



The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Awards honor members of the Oregon State community who carry Dr. King's message and vision for a more just society forward into the present. Four legacy awards are Presented by the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration committee – the Phyllis S. Lee Award, the Frances Dancy Hooks Award, the Oscar Humberto Montemayor Award and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Alumni Legacy Award. The awards are announced annually at the Peace Breakfast; unfortunately the 2024 event was cancelled due to inclement weather and unsafe road conditions.

The Office of Institutional Diversity also sponsors a Skanner Foundation Scholarship, as part of The Skanner Foundation's annual MLK Breakfast in Portland.

Congratulations to all recipients and nominees of the 2024 awards!

Oscar Humberto Montemayor Award

The Oscar Humberto Montemayor Award was created to honor Oscar, who served the Oregon State community with incredible diligence and grace over a thirty-year career. The award honors a current Oregon State student who embodies Oscar’s ethos of selfless service; steady, strong, considerate leadership; and trailblazing spirit and heart.


Faisal Osman - Fourth year, Public Policy specialization in Environmental Policy

Faisal’s drive to make OSU a better place is rooted in him overcoming challenges early in his studies. Now, as a CEL Program Specialist, he fosters community spaces for minoritized students. He has collaborated on programs like the Latine Leadership Retreat, Power of Color dialogue, and collaborations with cultural centers. He has also been involved with the African Student Association, and holds active leadership positions with the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and OSU’s NAACP student chapter.

“Faisal's passion to live his values of love, curiosity, and justice have allowed him to approach life with hope and care for those around him.” - Faisal’s nominator

Faisal Osman

Frances Dancy Hooks Award

The Frances Dancy Hooks Award recognizes Oregon State students, staff or faculty who exemplify Frances Dancy Hooks’ work: building bridges across cultures, showing courage in promoting diversity, and proudly “Walking the Talk.”


Dr. Iván Carbajal, Assistant Professor in the School of Psychological Science

Dr. Iván Carbajal joined OSU in 2020 as an instructor, becoming an assistant professor in 2021. In his short time at OSU, among the many notable achievements are transforming graduate training in phycology, advocating for multicultural education at all level so education, and designing and implementing the course "Psychology of Race and Racism", advocacy at the professional level in the field of phycological sciences, and leading a Diversity Science colloquia series within the School of Psychological Science. His dedication to genuine and purposeful action in Equity and Inclusion is evident, making "Walking the talk" an actionable, observable, and emulatable artform.

“Iván organically ensures that when he is teaching, advising, writing, researching, advocating and supporting people they feel welcomed and accepted. His pedagogy is radical in the context of sterile academia.” - Dr. Carbajal’s nominator

Dr. Iván Carbajal

Phyllis S. Lee Award

The Phyllis S. Lee Award honors a member of the Oregon State community who exemplifies Dr. Lee’s commitment and dedication to social justice and the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Dr. Susan Rowe, Director for Precollege Programs

Dr. Rowe has worn many hats at OSU, but always embodying the ideals of "being the change you wish to see in the world."  Her collaborative leadership ethos extends to her scholarship, prioritizing community engagement as a vital aspect of institutional citizenship and a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Susan believes community engagement transcends campus boundaries, leading to increased access, resource sharing, coalition building, and more.

"A deep love for humanity and belief that a better world is possible drive her work. She is collectivist in every sense of the word and works to build capacity, share power, and always distribute credit and recognition for work completed.” - Dr. Rowe’s nominator

Dr. Susan Rowe

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Alumni Legacy Award

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Alumni Legacy Award recognizes alumni who exemplify and enrich OSU’s values of community, diversity, respect and social responsibility in their broader community or organization.


Dr. George Cabrera, ’68, Ed.M. ’69, Ed.M. ’72, Emeritus Professor

As an educator, U.S. Army veteran, coach, mentor and volunteer, Dr.Cabrera has inspired others to emulate the standards of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy. He has stood with the powerless throughout his career and community service. Dr. Cabrera reminds us of the charge we have to carry out Oregon State University’s values of community, diversity, respect and social responsibility.

"Dr. Cabrera lives with the idea that helping one person can make all the difference. A singular act can have an exponential effect over time and may impact thousands of people." - Dr. Cabrera’s nominator

Dr. George Cabrera

Skanner Foundation Scholarship

Skanner Foundation Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students who exemplify leadership and a commitment to community service.


Alyah Elenes - First year, Accounting

Alyah is a dual enrolled student at Oregon State University and Linn-Benton Community College, and expects to graduate in the spring of 2027.

"I have been volunteering at the Oregon food bank for the last couple years. I soon realized the impact the Oregon food bank had made on my community and how I was now a part of that impact. I was able to meet new people that have dedicated their free time out of their busy lives to making a difference, as they were also inspired to help others in need... Being able to visualize the difference I was making and know that my time was being put towards something so impactful pushed me to want to continue volunteering at the food bank. I felt inspired to help others and I now want to help advocate for this change because no one should be hungry or be faced with worrying about food insecurity.

"Through my education I plan to earn my bachelors degree in Accountancy through the college of business. After earning my bachelors in Accountancy I will begin my path of becoming  a Certified public accountant (CPA). I hope to make a positive impact on my community as well as make a noticeable difference in others life."

Alyah Elenes