Frances Dancy Hooks Award

The Frances Dancy Hooks Award was first awarded in 1994, when Frances Dancy Hooks, a longtime civil rights activist, and her husband Dr. Benjamin Hooks, former executive director of the NAACP, spoke at the Celebration Peace Breakfast. The award recognizes Oregon State students, staff or faculty who exemplify Frances Dancy Hooks’ work: building bridges across cultures, showing courage in promoting diversity, and proudly “Walking the Talk.”  

Selection criteria include

  • Leadership abilities related to diversity have been demonstrated;
  • Actions and behaviors are consistent with “Walking the Talk”;
  • Demonstrated ability to build cross-cultural bridges;
  • Demonstrated willingness to take risks when promoting diversity; and
  • Conducting and promoting cultural diversity activities as a sharing, caring and educational endeavor, and not for personal gain.

Nomination Process

Nominators may submit multiple nominations. For reference purposes, the nomination form is available for download here. Nominators may submit multiple nominations.

Nominations are closed for 2024. Recipients will be announced at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Peace Breakfast on Monday, Jan. 15.

Past Recipients

Past recipients of the Frances Dancy Hooks Award include the following Oregon State community members:

  • 2024: Dr. Iván Carbajal
  • 2023: Dr. Janet Nishihara, Dr. Dana Sanchez
  • 2022: Tarron Anderson, Mateo Olmos
  • 2021: Tenisha Tevis
  • 2020: Erika McCalpine
  • 2019: Emily Davis-Malewitz, Dorian Smith
  • 2018: Leonara Rianda
  • 2017: Ana Gomez-Diazgranados, Mehra Sherazi
  • 2016: Natchee Barnd, Randi Shaw
  • 2015: Chante Davis
  • 2014: Octaviano Merecias-Cuevas, Tony Vogt
  • 2013: Agustin Vega-Peters
  • 2012: Jodi Nelson
  • 2011: Wanda Cranell
  • 2010: Juan Trujillo, Hunan Pope
  • 2009: Vananh Nguyen, Dwaine Plaza
  • 2008: Roni Sue
  • 2007: José Gutierrez, Allison Davis White-Eyes
  • 2006: Carlos David Gonzales, Earlean Wilson Huey
  • 2005: Luke Sugie, Mercedes Benton, Alex Johnson
  • 2004: Raquel Tambio, Derron Coles, Sandy Tsuneyoshi, Warren Anthony Robbins
  • 2003: Robin Ryan, Melissa White, Christian Matheis
  • 2002: Michael Henthorne, Luhui Whitebear, Edith Quiroz
  • 2001: Les Risser, Lani Roberts, Larry Roper
  • 2000: TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More)
  • 1999: Joseph Daniel (Jody) Brooks, Cessa Heard-Johnson, Paul James
  • 1998: Dr. Patti Sakurai, Shannon Butler, Francisco Poncé
  • 1997: Tava McGinty, Sokhemry Yi, MEChA
  • 1996: Linda Flamenco, Conrad Hurdle, April Waddy,
  • 1995: Naveen Mishra, Janelle Warren-Ephraim, Cynthia Serrano
  • 1994: Rita Howard, Monique Wortman