Institutional Guidance

Guidance Philosophy

The guidance curated by the Office of Institutional Diversity strives to orient faculty, staff and students toward inclusive excellence and clarify how to integrate commitments of access, belonging and success in all university endeavors. Our guidance intends to be imaginative and empowering, not authoritative. We hope the resources found here stimulate novel approaches that best fit the needs of unique teaching, research and administrative contexts.


We are committed to removing barriers and building pathways so all may fully participate.



We are committed to realizing a pluralistic community that negotiates and reflects shared values.



We are committed to ensuring all have the resources and opportunities they need to achieve.


Teaching and Learning
Research and Assessment
Leadership and Administration
Inclusive teaching

Shift curriculum, instructional design, and facilitation for diversity, equity and inclusion.


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Equitable research

Shift practices through the research process to advance equity.


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Equitable policy design

Examine, revise or develop policies to advance equity and inclusive excellence.


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Diversity statements for syllabi

Embed diversity, equity and inclusion commitments and norms in course syllabi.


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Critical data literacy

View, make meaning, and apply insights from data ethically and responsibly.


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Diversity strategic planning

Guide comprehensive organizational development for inclusive excellence.


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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Learning

Develop a strategy for career long diversity, equity and inclusion learning.


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Collecting race and ethnicity data

Develop instruments, collect data, and share results ethically and responsibly.


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Search, selection and hiring

Integrate diversity, equity and inclusion into each phase of the recruitment and selection process.


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Developing a community of practice

Initiate an informal or co-curricular learning community for anti-oppression.


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Collecting gender data

Develop instruments, collect data and share results ethically and responsibly.


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Diversity statements for applications

Develop or respond to diversity statements with critical thought and intention.


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Additional Guidance

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  • Housing assignments guidance for co-curricular activities (TBD)
  • Evaluating diversity, equity and inclusion dimensions in promotion and tenure dossiers (TBD)
  • How to incorporate equity in the creation of RFPs and contract proposals (TBD)

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