Equity Data Insights Portal

Equity Data Insights Portal

Advancing inclusive excellence at OSU requires the use of accurate data for strategic decision making. Data available through this portal supports the development of insights to inform program development, strategic planning, and assessing equitable institutional change.

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Oregon State University's IQ Insights Collections are curated dashboards that relate to specific university priorities, goals, and initiatives.

Ethical Use of Equity Data

Equity data must be utilized and stewarded ethically and accurately. To enable responsible use of equity data, the Office of Institutional Diversity has developed comprehensive tools and resources to make equity data accessible while building capacity for responsible use.

Please consider the following before using the data found through this portal:

  • Creating meaningful and sustainable change requires data informed decision making. Analysis and extrapolation of equity data may provide clarity and orient our diversity, equity, and inclusion values when wrestling with difficult decisions.
  • Select equity data is available for use by institutional leaders. The equity dashboards enable exploration of data pertaining to employee and student access, belonging and success and may be used for initial exploration or to frame more advanced inquiry.
  • Responsible use of equity data necessitates critical reflection on its ethical use and limitations. Guidance, training, and other educational resources are available to develop institutional leaders of all experience level.

Equity Data Skill Building

Fluency with institutional metrics related to diversity, equity and inclusion will enable OSU leaders to better communicate, ask more astute questions, and design more effective interventions to redress inequality. OID provides several tools and services to develop critical data literacy to inform and guide use of these data.


Dimensions of Critical Data Literacy

To guide inquiry projects using institutional equity data, the Office of Institutional Diversity in partnership with Institutional Analytics and Reporting has articulated essential behavioral dimensions of critical data literacy. All responsible stewards of equity data are expected to lead inquiry with care, intentionality, integrity, and technical proficiency.

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Equity Data Consultation

Do you need support understanding where to start on your equity data educational journey? Request a consult or training from the Office of Institutional Diversity.


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Equity Data Dashboards

Note: In order to access Tableau Server, you will need to be on campus or connected to Oregon State's VPN.

If you do not have access to the Equity Data Dashboards, you may request access here.


The Employee Equity Dashboards provide data related to employee access, belonging, and success.

  Access, Success

  • How have the demographics of OSU employees changed over time?
  • Do women employees in my unit experience a sense of belonging?
  • What is the rate of retention for tenure-track faculty of color?


The Student Equity Dashboards provide data related to student access, belonging and success.

    Access, Success

  • What are the demographic of our latest new students across all OSU campuses?
  • How many students of color are entering my college at this time?
  • What are the rates of retention by race/ethnicity in my college?


Explore results from the OSU Employee Community Climate Survey.


  • How do employees of color feel about experience at OSU?
  • Do employees see their leaders supporting diversity, equity and inclusion?
  • Do women employees feel valued at OSU?


Explore the new student funnel over time.


  • What are the counts of applied, accepted, and matericulated students across regulatory race, and first generation students?
  • How are applications from certain student populations changing over time?
  • What are the eight year average rates of admit and yields by regulatory race?

 Unit Level Data

At times, having access to unit level equity data is necessary to understand phenomena in more detail. Colleagues who are in need of more detailed equity data may request special access to unit level dashboards. To request this access, we encourage you to meet with our office to discuss details of your request. Please note, requests do not guarantee access to more detailed information. All requests must be supported by your unit leader and will be reviewed by the Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer and/or their designee.


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