Community Diversity

Oregon State University as a land grant university is committed to being a public servant for all Oregonians, through this commitment OSU seeks to create a bold new future in partnership with our diverse communities across the state and beyond. As an institution of higher learning, we believe that together with community we can explore transformative solutions to address the world’s most challenging problems, and provide rich opportunities for learning, discovery and engagement. Our core values inform our relationships, partnerships and stewardship of Oregon’s most valued resource—people and their communities. Through these core values, OSU stands solidly as a school for the people with an ethos that embraces the following standards:  

  • Accountability. We are committed stewards of the loyalty and goodwill of our alumni and friends and of the human, fiscal and physical resources entrusted to us.
  • Diversity. We recognize that diversity and excellence go hand-in-hand, enhancing our teaching, scholarship and service as well as our ability to welcome, respect and interact with other people.
  • Integrity. We practice honesty, freedom, truth and integrity in all that we do.
  • Respect. We treat each other with civility, dignity and respect.
  • Social responsibility. We contribute to society’s intellectual, cultural, spiritual and economic progress and well-being to the maximum possible extent.

What is Community Diversity Relations?

The mission of Community Diversity Relations is to facilitate partnerships between Oregon State University and diverse groups of our community that are under-served, or in need of more strategic access opportunities. As a Land grant institution our moral and ethical obligation to the state of Oregon is to ensure that all representatives of our state are provided access to the public resources of our university. Through Community Diversity Relations, OSU upholds the land grant mission by sponsoring activities and promoting innovative community strategies that bring campus and community interests together.

Oregon State University identifies several strategies that will better facilitate OSU’s engagement in sustainable and equitable partnerships, including increased communication, increased sharing of knowledge and increased collaboration to support OSU’s engagement as both sustainable and equitable.

Oregon State University aspires to be a collaborative, inclusive, and caring community that strives for equity and equal opportunity in everything we do; that creates a welcoming environment and enables success for people from all walks of life; and that shares common, fundamental values grounded in justice, civility, and respect while looking to our diversity as a source of enrichment and strength.


  • Identify and assess current OSU outreach and engagement practices by college and program;
  • Connect PreK-20 opportunities to equalize academic access and success through community engagement;
  • Communicate the breadth and depth of Oregon State’s commitment to diversity engagement by highlighting OSU resources and opportunities;
  • Develop and enhance partnerships that enrich both communities and university engaged scholarship; and
  • Develop and enhance partnerships with community individuals/organizations committed to diversity by identifying, defining and advancing community engaged scholarship opportunities and competencies across OSU.