Diversity and inclusion scholars deserve to be celebrated. We’re bringing their work to the forefront. 

Researchers hold the key to answering complex questions about our humanity. If we take the time to learn from them, we can advance our shared understanding of who we are as individuals. 

And it starts with conversation. The Diversity Research Luncheon generated dialogue among members of the Oregon State community — while recognizing researchers with recently published articles, manuscripts, chapters and books on topics related to diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice. The event was created through a collaboration between Charlene Alexander, vice president and chief diversity officer in the Office of Institutional Diversity, and the Oregon State Research Office. 

“Faculty were extremely excited to share their work with their colleagues,” Alexander says. “I found that those engaged in diversity research were inspired by the research happening across the university and found ways to collaborate on projects with shared interest.” 

Publications included topics like public health, diversity in higher education, STEM, challenges and opportunities for women in leadership and others. 

During the event, Alexander, Interim Vice President for Research Irem Tumer and Provost Ed Feser spoke to 60 attendees about the vital importance of their work and the impact it will make on our future. 

Before next year’s event, Alexander plans to create a video resource for those who are unable to attend the event in person — including a snippet of each recognized faculty member and their research focus. In addition, she is exploring options to include graduate students in the event. 

Change is rooted in collaboration and understanding. Events like the Diversity Research Luncheon get us talking.