Diversity Strategic Plan

Diversity Strategic Plan
Innovate & Integrate: Plan for Inclusive Excellence

Inclusive excellence is the recognition that an organization's success is dependent on, and tied directly to, how well it values, engages and includes the rich diversity of its community members, including its students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends and affiliates.

Over the last two years, Oregon State has taken significant steps to prioritize and more rapidly advance the pursuit of inclusive excellence in all that it does. These steps have included the creation of the Office of Institutional Diversity, and the hiring of Oregon State's first Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, to guide the university's efforts in this area.

The development and implementation of a diversity strategic plan is the next key step toward the realization of Oregon State's vision to become a national model for inclusive excellence. It was developed through extensive engagement with stakeholders who contributed their expertise and experience to the development process. The plan represents a roadmap to advance inclusive excellence by leveraging existing successful initiatives and embracing new innovative ideas.

This diversity strategic plan recognizes that creating inclusive excellence and advancing the university's mission and values go hand in hand. As a land grant institution, Oregon State's mission is teaching, research, outreach and engagement. The university seeks to promote economic, social, cultural and environmental progress for the people of Oregon, the nation and the world. And we hold as core values the advancement of accountability, diversity, integrity, respect and social responsibility. Advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice at Oregon State is embedded in our mission and values.

Please read the Diversity Strategic Plan 2018-2023 (PDF)