Support for those impacted by events in Iran

October 11, 2022

Dear OSU Community Members,

I write to express Oregon State University’s support for students, faculty, staff and OSU community members who are affected by violence in Iran that has accompanied demonstrations across the country.

In the past few weeks, over 185 people have been reported to have been killed while protesting the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died in custody after being jailed for allegedly defying the state dress code for women. These demonstrations have been largely led and organized by women from across Iranian society who seek expanded rights and accountability.

We mourn for Mahsa, her family and those who have been impacted by this violence. And we stand in support of those in Iran and around the world who seek the expansion of fundamental human rights and rights to free expression.

This violence has significantly affected many OSU community members, including those whose families are in Iran and those who graduated from Iranian universities where violence has occurred. Communications between Iranians studying or working at OSU and family members back home also have been impeded.

The situation in Iran continues to evolve and the university will continue to directly support affected OSU community members. For those seeking additional support, students should visit the OSU Student Resources site and employees can connect with the university’s Beyond Benefits Employee Assistance Program.

As community members, we can each engage by learning more about these events and seeking out opportunities to provide care and support for those affected within the Oregon State University community and beyond.



Scott A. Vignos
Interim Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer