Special Event: "Gather" Screening

"Gather": A Film and Panel about Native American Food Sovereignty

Wednesday, Jan. 13, 4-7 pm

Join our Zoom Webinar screening of “Gather,” an intimate portrait of the growing movement amongst Native Americans to reclaim their spiritual, political, and cultural identities through food sovereignty while battling the trauma of centuries of genocide.

After the film screening, we will host a panel—including chef Nephi Craig, Dr. Samantha Chisholm Hatfield and Jeremy Ojua—discussing Native American resilience and the renaissance of Native food systems. Bring your questions!

For questions or accommodations, contact [email protected].


  • Nephi Craig, BHT, ACRPS
    • Chef Nephi Craig has 23 years culinary experience in America and around the world in London, Germany, Brazil and Japan. Nephi Craig is an enrolled member of the White Mountain Apache Tribe and is half Navajo. Chef Craig is also the founder of the Native American Culinary Association (NACA), an organization/network that is dedicated to the research, refinement and development of Native American Cuisine. Chef Craig recently served as Executive Chef of the Sunrise Park Resort Hotel. During Chef Craig’s nine-year tenure at Sunrise Park resort, Craig and his White Mountain Apache culinary team achieved many national and international benchmarks in establishing a culture of Indigenous Foods across North America. Executive Chef Nephi Craig is currently the Nutritional Recovery Program Coordinator & Executive Chef at the Rainbow Treatment Center and Café Gozhóó on the White Mountain Apache Tribe in Arizona.
  • Dr. Samantha Chisholm Hatfield
    • Dr.  Chisholm Hatfield is an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, from the Tututni and Chinook Bands. Dr. Chisholm Hatfield is also Cherokee. Dr. Chisholm Hatfield has earned an American Sign Language Interpretation certification, a Bachelor of Science in Ethnic Studies with a concentration in Native American studies and a minor in Cultural Anthropology from Oregon State University. She holds her Doctorate in Environmental Sciences from Oregon State University. Her pioneering dissertation work has been considered groundbreaking research and heralded for the way she has melded physical and social science, combining empirical research with social science methodology. Dr. Chisholm Hatfield's specializations include: Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), tribal adaptations due to climate change, and Native culture issues. She's worked with Oregon Climate Change Research Institute, and successfully completed a Post-Doctoral Research position with Northwest Climate Science Center. She is a Native American Longhouse Advisory Board member at Oregon State, was selected as an H.J. Andrews Forest Visiting Scholar, repeatedly a featured blogger for Union of Concerned Scientists, and chosen as a Korean Foundation Fellowship Field Research Scholar to study TEK in South Korea.
  • Jeremy Ojua
    • Jeremy Ojua is the Native Plant Nursery Supervisor with the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Natural Resources Department. The program works to restore designated areas to a more natural state, including planting native plants to create a good habitat for wildlife and people. Their main goal is to not just grow plants for restorations sites, but also culturally significant plants whose uses include food, medicine, tools and basketry.

    • Learn more about Jeremy Ojua's work in this video.

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