Oregon State University is committed to ensuring that OSU is a just, caring, safe and inclusive community. As such, it is important to review institutional efforts to support an inclusive community for faculty, staff and students and recommend to the president and provost initiatives to ensure the continued commitment to social justice. The President and Provost’s Leadership Council for Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice (PPLC) will deliver specific summary data and recommendations to the president on an annual basis. Recommendations made by the PPLC will identify both the cost and impact (High, Medium or Low) associated with each recommendation. The committee's work examines and makes recommendations on student recruitment, student retention, faculty and staff recruitment, faculty and staff retention, and bias incident response.



PPLC Charge for 2019-20

Final Report, PPLC 2019-20


PPLC Charge for 2018-19

Final Report, PPLC 2018-19

Status Report of 2018-19 Recommendations


Final Report, PPLC 2017-18

Status Report of 2017-18 Recommendations