Planning Process and Archive

Diversity Action Plan Process


An adaptive strategic planning process was utilized to create the DAP. This approach is evident in the decision-making process of this plan in two ways:  

  1. The deliberative nature of community engagement, which seeks to engage stakeholders and anticipates new information, thinking, lived experience to inform development of the plan; and  

  1.  The adaptive nature of goals and actions articulated by the plan that allows for flexibility responding to emergent information and needs, and to create points for reflection and iteration during implementation of the plan. 

Development of the next DAP began in spring 2023. Community engagement and plan development took place throughout summer and fall 2023. The plan launched in Winter 2024, following the launch of the university‚Äôs next strategic plan. 


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Diversity Strategic Plan Archive


The first strategic plan for Oregon State University, Innovate & Integrate: Plan for Inclusive Excellence, was launched in 2017. 


Diversity Strategic Plan