OSU supports transgender community members

October 25, 2018

Members of the OSU community,

Recently, the New York Times has reported that a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services memo proposes restricting the definition of gender as a “biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth.” This is very concerning. In addition, yesterday the U.S. Department of Justice argued before the U.S. Supreme Court that businesses could discriminate against workers based on their gender identity without violating federal law.  Although these recent developments do not change any current OSU policy or state or federal laws, we want to take this opportunity to state that these proposals are inconsistent with our values at Oregon State University.

We stand in support of our transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, gender fluid, and intersex students, faculty, staff and community members. We unequivocally affirm your humanity, your identity, and your right to exist in this world exactly as you are. Gender is on a spectrum and understanding one’s self in all aspects of identity intersections is a developmental process. As a university, and as a community, we will advance our inclusivity efforts by providing equal opportunity and supporting success for all people regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation or identity, religion, nation of origin, disability or economic circumstances.

We are proud of our strong and resilient transgender community. We are proud of the progress we have made at OSU. We will continue our work, including enforcing Oregon State’s non-discrimination policy and recognizing a continuum of gender identity. Moreover, we remain firmly committed to our efforts at OSU to advance inclusivity for our transgender individuals.

We will continue to track developments regarding federal policy, and continue to communicate our position and support.  We encourage members of our community who are seeking support to visit the following resources:

Campus Resources

National Resources


Dan Larson

Interim Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Charlene Alexander

Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer