The "First 100 Days" Report

The Office of Institutional Diversity was launched in February 2016 to bring a new and singular focus to advancing equity, inclusion, and diversity efforts throughout Oregon State University. Since then, the Office has engaged in wide-ranging initiatives to address immediate concerns raised by students during and after the Speak Out held in November 2015; gather additional input from community members; build relationships and capacity within the university community; and seek out opportunities for future, long-term growth and collaboration.

The Office presented an update to the OSU Board of Trustees on June 3 describing the initiatives and efforts undertaken over the past three months by OSU colleagues and the Office of Institutional Diversity. These updates are contained in the Office of Institutional Diversity’s “First 100 Days” Report, which the Office is pleased to share with the Oregon State community at this time. This report also contains updates from colleges and central administrative offices, as well as departments carrying out work directly related to institutional diversity, equity, and inclusion (Appendices A and B). While this is not a complete catalog of all ongoing efforts, it provides important context for this work.

This report describes efforts to ensure that tangible, sustainable, and transparent progress is made to create a university community characterized in all it does by equity, inclusion, and diversity. The Office also invited community members to submit “Points of Pride” to highlight accomplishments within specific offices and units and these “Points of Pride” are included in this report (Appendix C).

This report is meant to record an important new chapter in Oregon State University’s equity and inclusion efforts. It is intended to provide additional opportunities for conversation and collaboration, reveal areas requiring additional attention, and produce greater community accountability. Please review this report and reach out to us via e-mail at [email protected] with your questions, comments, thoughts, concerns, and ideas.