Time frame

Onboarding begins with the official acceptance offer and continues throughout the first year.

Creating a welcoming atmosphere and setting the foundation for positive working relationships throughout new faculty careers begins with thoughtful, comprehensive onboarding. By ensuring access to all pertinent information and resources, the university communicates to new faculty that they are valued members of their work units and departments. Faculty members who feel valued are more likely to be positive, engaged and committed to the university’s organizational success. They are also more likely to stay for the duration of their academic careers.

To guarantee a smooth, transparent and inclusive onboarding process, consider creating a department-specific check list of the following tasks, assigning appropriate time lines and personnel to oversee them. Onboarding is an opportunity to build trust and positive working relationships while ensuring that all new faculty members are given the same access to information and resources.

Working with department staff, do the following:

  • Call to officially welcome the new hire to OSU upon official acceptance.
  • Send email to the department announcing the appointment of the new instructor/faculty member.
  • Plan several welcome activities, including a schedule for the first day and welcome lunch.
  • Place a welcome sign on the new faculty member’s office door or workspace.
  • Prepare an Introductory Period Performance Plan (if appropriate), a copy of the job description and information about university and departmental mission, vision and goals for the first day.

Work with the Human Resources to have the following documentation completed:

  • I-9
  • W-4
  • Signed Offer Letter
  • Confidentiality Letter
  • OSU Employee ID Card
  • Business Cards
  • Other department specific requirements:_____________________

Coordinate the following arrangements to streamline communication access:

  • Request Computer and Network Access
  • Request Phone Set Up
  • Request Email Set Up
  • Determine Necessary Software, Licenses and Request Installation
  • Access Canvas
  • Access Department Printer
  • Add Name to Printer for Scanner Function
  • Access to Shared Server
  • Add to Appropriate Email Lists, List Serves and Calendaring Systems
    • Other: _________________________________________________

Securing these spaces and supplies also communicates to the new faculty member that their participation in the department is expected and valued.

Prior to the candidate’s arrival, complete the following tasks:

  • Assign an office or workstation
  • Assign lab space
  • Obtain furniture
  • Acquire access to building, including keys
  • Provide basic office supplies
  • Identify key administrative support
  • Other: ___________________________

Undertake the following tasks:

  • Assign a mailbox with the new instructor/faculty’s name.
  • Provide overview of department communications, work hours options and other expectations
  • Provide departmental contact lists, organization chart, phone and voicemail instructions, emergency procedures and evacuation instructions
  • Provide information about procedures for purchasing resources and supplies
  • Provide information about parking permits and transportation services
  • Discuss relocation expense procedures and support
  • Provide faculty handbook

Distribute information about the following items:

  • Title IX and sexual harassment
  • Bias in the workplace
  • Purchasing and contracting policies and procedures
  • Discuss travel procedures and guidelines
  • Emergency management resources
  • IT policies
  • Applicable Office of Research Integrity Trainings (Conflict of Interest, etc.
  • Provide information about Faculty Senate and OSU Faculty Union
  • Other: ____________________________________
  • Explain academic dishonesty
  • Explain course competencies and syllabus development
  • Explain how the learning outcomes for the course scaffold with program and institutional outcomes
  • Discuss classroom observations and student course evaluations
  • Explain the early alert program, the Care Report and Incident Report
  • Discuss discipline specific standards for grading, absences and other processes
  • Provide information about the Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Provide Information about the Academic Success Center
  • Provide information about the Writing Center
  • Provide information about Technology Across the Classroom
  • Other:____________________________________________

Share information about the following campus resources:

  • HR New Employee Orientation
  • New Faculty Orientation
  • MY OSU, ONID and Payroll Set Up (9 month or 12 month option)
  • Family Resource Center
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Equal Opportunity Access
  • University Ombuds Office
  • Faculty-Staff Fitness
  • Dual-Career Resources
  • Affinity Groups
  • Other: __________________________________________


  • During the first 30-60 days
    • Meet to review observations, issues and priorities
    • Identify opportunities to integrate the new faculty members into work groups and the university as a whole
  • After 90 days
    • Meet and discuss experiences, including expectations, disappointments and concerns
    • Recognize and celebrate the new faculty members’ successes and contributions
  • At the end of 12 Months/ 1 Year
    • Conduct the yearly performance review
    • Review position description and work load
    • Establish opportunities for ongoing feedback and dialogue