Frank has enjoyed learning about issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion for many years. He is an avid reader, attends workshops and talks at the local university, and readily engages in dialogue and discussion when opportunities are presented.

At his latest workshop, the facilitator presented a framework described as the “Active Citizenship Continuum.” The framework presents a spectrum of behaviors that range from those that undermine and counter the movement for social justice to those behaviors that actively organize for positive sustainable change. Participants of the workshop were asked to reflect on where their attitudes and behaviors fall within the active citizenship continuum.

Frank easily recognized himself under the domain of “conscientious citizen” because his behaviors were principally concerned with discovering the root causes to systemic issues and asking critical questions about the status quo. Where Frank did not recognize his attitudes and behaviors was under the domain of “Active Citizen” because he has virtually no experience with community engagement in processes for change. Frank has not organized or educated others towards his vision for diversity and social justice. Frank determines that he is ready to stretch and grow and resolves to undertake responsibilities to begin educating others on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Key Take-Aways: 
  • The Issue: Frank recognizes that his commitment to diversity and social justice has room to grow. Where he is passionate about learning and dialoging on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion – he has virtually no experience educating or organizing others for change.
  • The Deliberation: Frank reflects on his experiences through an exploration of the active citizenship continuum, and assess where he can push his capacity.
  • The Growth: Frank is able to recognize that his learning has plateaued and he is ready to pursue more in realizing his vision for diversity and social justice. He discerns that a reasonable next step is to educate others.

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